The complete, carefully weaved network management tool to ward off all the security threats. Provides a perfect 360 degree approach to securing your network proactively by creating alerts, customizing reports, analyzing graphs and helping you to also know your performance trends.


The powerful alerting feature which helps you to create as many alerts as needed, allowing you to send them via SMS/E-mail, track the status and even link them to a ticketing mechanism (existing/new).


iReveal is efficiently designed to generate 600+ inbuilt reports, graphically charted and further customize reports by scheduling them as per the users need.


Designed for any heterogeneous environment, iReveal can auto discover and monitor any device at any corner of your network along with a feature to even monitor Web Services/URLs too.


Track all the happenings round the clock and secure your network with insights on virus threats, unauthorized IPs, virus attack hosts, device-wise traffic, password changes, unsuccessful logins and several more.

Real-time Statistics

Get a device wise statistics chart generated, for any device in your network from a cloud to a PC and track the performance metrics, memory utilization and lot more real-time statistics in iReveal to cater all your needs for a secure network.