Network Monitoring System

Our product iReveal is the most efficient, easy-to-use, reliable, network monitoring tool. It keeps a track of all the systems in your network like Servers, Workstations, Databases, Firewall etc., It monitors bandwidth usage, performance, detect any problem or unusual data, trigger alerts via mails, helping you to take a more proactive approach to securing your network.

iReveal is an integrated system that helps to Alert, Report, Monitor and Secure all the devices in the network. Moreover, it can fit into any heterogeneous infrastructure and can quickly integrate to any ticketing mechanism in your organization.

Features of Product

iReveal – a complete network monitoring tool which can help you manage all your network needs by promptly alerting through E-Mails, provide timely reports on the working of any devices, monitor any number of devices in one go from Switches to Cloud Servers and also provide an all-round security by providing statuses on virus, attacks and suspicious events.

Some of its best features includes:

    1. Auto Discovery – iReveal Auto Discovery makes configuring your network very simple. Regardless of how many devices are connected to your network, iReveal can quickly scan all the devices in your network just by a single click. In future, you can still save time by manually adding the few devices if you have any devices that were newly added to your network.
    2. Agentless architecture – iReveal is designed in such a way that deploy it on any machine in network and it will start monitoring devices configured in it. There is no need to install any agents on devices which makes iReveal a unique product that eradicates the need of agents.
    3. Heterogeneous Network – iReveal is designed to support Heterogeneous Network infrastructure and detect any unauthorized system in them.
    4. Alerts - iReveal allows you to create any number of alerts by configuring the threshold for the corresponding devices and saving them. On providing e-mail addresses and mobile numbers the alerts can reach via e- mails.
    5. Scalable – Scalable to any network volume, be it 1 or 10000 IP network, iReveal is suitable for all network types.
    6. Unauthorized Hosts – iReveal takes inventory as an input from user. It thus periodically scans the networks and identifies the network devices that doesn’t match with the inventory list provided.
    7. Ticketing Mechanism – iReveal provides a plugged-in support for ticketing system. User can plug-in any kind of existing ticketing system and can use it.
    8. Scheduled Reports – Reports can be scheduled on based on one time, every hour, daily, weekly or monthly. User will receive the scheduled reports to provided email ids.
    9. Real-time Active Directory and Exchange Server reports – iReveal makes it easy to see most of the admin related tasks easy by providing all active directory and exchange server information in one place.
    10. Reports – There are around 600+ pre-defined reports provided by iReveal. As iReveal uses open API, it is easy to implement user required reports.
    11. MPLS – The devices that are configured in MPLS will be displayed in a diagrammatic representation form. It also displays the first level of devices that are connected to devices in MPLS. Along with that the bandwidth usage information is displayed for devices that are connected as end-points in different sites.